Bar / Restaurant Terra Alta

Bar – RestaurantAi?? ” Les being”

La is Ai ?? s one of the factors that allows end dai understand ?? and ?? territory. In our aim to bar-restaurant offer seasonal products, various grilled meats, such Deai ?? lamb, sausages and salami or ?? I made in the area; sausages and cheeses SA? n ?? ce a Delain, Thatâ ?? how bone area Dola ??. Obviously, accompanies all oil dai ?? and ?? extra virgin olive DOP Terra Alta and we will water it with wine DO Terra Alta. TambAi ?? we offer a tapas menu to make a vermouth, Sunday or not; a small variety of toast, maybe when you get to Terra Alta Cai ?? mping you feel like you forgot to make dinner and eat ?? quiet lament our bar-restaurant; A? Obviously, if you go to the Greenway and need a entrepAi ??, please prepare the sea you wish!

The bar CAI ?? mping Terra Alta service available Half thinking? I ?? for groups (breakfast + dinner, 17you ?? i ??)

The bar has a terrace restaurant offers, Televisa? and fireplace, and stood in front of the pool and recreation area dai ?? and ??.

Fabric? Melt contact Ai ?? 652 875 832