Download cycling routes network!

cycling network map of the high ground

From avui, 14 febrer of 2013, you can download routes to your network cyclist smartphone and use them even in places where there is no coverage.

So, to the home page You can view the tracks 12 the routes that can be made in the region over the Greenway. These routes pass through rural roads, the terra Majoria, and unite the people of the region. So you can see, route and slopes and you can download tracks. In addition, Please download the free application Ulugh on your phone you can check the tracks downloaded from any of the region even without a 3G coverage or. The Cicloturisme never been easier to Terra Alta!



All thanks to new technologies and Ulugh RouteYou and Emili Mató company in its feasibility study of tourism enterprises related Greenway Terra Alta has used to create these routes.

En David Sancho, also leaves us very interesting quest link:

David gracies.