Friends in Terra Alta

The best choice of accommodation with friends in Terra Alta

Terra Alta's Campsite offers a wide range of products to suit your needs in a natural environment and agricultural, but over .. There are fifty sunny plots for caravans, tents and motor so you have room for all. In addition, there are 8 bungalows of 5 people and 3 bungalows of 2+1 places so please check availability!

There's lot of divers activities you can do in la Terra Alta, so you can organize activities for big group or small groups during your holidays, _. The physically more prepared may prefer intens hiking or cycling . On the other hand, Terra Alta's Green-Way, however, the Terra Alta's Green-Way offers the opportunity to delve into completely unspoiled natural areas without requiring great physical effort. Maybe the kids or young people prefer the swimming pool and the freedom of the village while the largest are given a time to meet and learn from wine world. Are you interested in the places where the Batlle of the Ebro took place or kayaking by the Ebre? You have time to do everything? In any case, the reception Alta's Campsite We help you prepare for your group activities taking into account your priorities!