., the heart of Terra Alta, culture, nature i vies verdes

La Terra Alta is one of corners of Catalonia where an authentic rurality best retains. The causes are many and the disadvantages this entails for the population compared to other areas. But at the same time, gives a very large potential for development of tourism activities that respect the environment and can improve quality of life of its inhabitants. This is one of the reasons why we want you to come and meet us and let yourself care, but there are many others!

It is a region known for stays of Picasso in Horta of San Juan where firmly founded the cubism, per the dire consequences of the Batalla del Ebre, especially preserved in Corbera d'Ebre for their fortified wines produced in most towns and especially, to Bot on is situa the Alta's Campsite. Wine production throughout the years meant the construction, the principle of Segl twentieth, of a pair of modernist cellars: the of the Cooperativa Agrícola (Coop. Agr.) Of the Pinell de Brai, known as La Wine Cathedral, i the of the Coop.Agr.de Gandesa. Both designed by architect Cesar Martinell disciple of Gaudí and Puig.

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But his heritage does not end here. Terra Natural Reserve called Els Ports is one of largest in Catalonia and reunites biologic diversity both rich as all the Great Bretanya.Les rocks of the Agulla, la Plana and the Migdia, to the vora of . form part geologically dels Ports though not in form part from the park to administrative level. Des's Alta's Campsite enjoy of a landscape agricultural and forest with these mountains background. A landscape that you can resorting of the form calmer the world for Via Verda Terra Alta.

Bot is a quiet village with several bars where you can go to take a glass of wine and a little "tapa"; the Can Josep's Restaurant with dishes prepared with products from the zone; the Braseria Laia with fire lit all day where you can dine all types of grilled meats and a pair of music bars where besides the wine and the prick you can make few drinks at night.

You shouldn't stay in . and not visit the Agrobotiga from Agricultural Cooperative Sant Josep, There you can sample some wines and advise your purchase both wine and other local products. Equally inexcusable is the step by Celler Menescal where in addition to tasting offered a free visit to the rural museum created from material of their own family. The olives not only take advantage for make oil but also, with tradicionalment s'ha fet, per eat them like appetizer, acompanyament o postre. La plant packager d'olives Blai Peris is a benchmark in level Catalan for its production of quality and with natural preservatives. Besides the traditional arbequinas and black olives elaborate Olivades (with olives empeltre) of several flavors that serve to elaborate delicious recipes.

The village of . has two grocery stores, Jornet and the Middle Shop Cooperative, the second you can buy hand-made bread and pastries typical.

The carnage has Badoquio own flock and at the same time prepares various meats traditionally. In the market there can find different products, besides fresh fish dela Ràpita 4 days a week.

The daily newspapers and, tobacco, gift objects and many other things will find them wing Tenda Maribel. petrol stations are closest to Waldo and Horta de Sant Joan (both in uns10 km .).

Get here four strokes of the tourism assets of the region in pdf.