Fun with nature around Terra Alta Camping

The privileged location of Camping Terra Alta Bot makes over the possible nature activities are varied. The term Bot is among the agricultural plateau north of Terra Alta and Els Ports National Park in the South and more, is crossed by the Via Verde of the Terra Alta and River Valley Gutters. All this means that from this point can from air Cyclists i senderistes several difficulties that bring us closer to very varied landscapes.

Ports Natural Park offers several possibilities Canyoning, escalation, Hiking, bicycle and ultimately to enjoy nature in a wild state force. So, We have a very wide range of possibilities to 15km Camping Terra Alta, but also in the municipality of Bot even closer Camping.

Terra Alta is the driest Terres de l'Ebre, but this wound we can enjoy this very special river that gives name to the Iberian Peninsula. So, the possibility of a passeig fluvial inside of a river flow is only important 30 Camping minute drive from Terra Alta.