Bycicle touring

A paradise to enjoy cycling with the Greenway and Cycling Network

La Terra Alta offers many possibilities of biking. D'una banda, tenim la Terra Alta's Green-Way that allows, not only move around the villages around, but also delve into the valley between towering walls of conglomerates Canaletes, always with a constant slope and little pronounced that requires little effort. The design of the Greenway serves steep slopes gently to save what you can try if you want to pedal harder. La Via Verda Terra Alta is ideal for family outings with friends and a more idle than sports.

Cycling Network of Terra Alta

This is an interesting proposal for cyclists better prepared, composed 13 well indicated trails that cross paths in most cases agricultural and linking several towns and attractions in the region. You can download cycling network map Terra Alta, aixi com description of routes. At the moment we only have one hanging in the air up, see it here. Once a region is always recommended and you can tell other routes.


Terra Alta's Campsite has Bicycle rental, Bicycle and adapted if they reserve a certain advance. Whether you are a customer or not the Alta's Campsite inform you of this service at: 673 450 651

Other proposals cyclists in Terra Alta

The possibilities are varied and cyclists want to get in some examples of information that can be found on the internet:

Various options bikers around Terra Alta Campground.

150km loop through the region.


Circular 80 km to the south-west region.


From a boat and tour 50 km (The 20 to the 70 this route) we can output to Monstagres, saw emblematic Ports Natural Park with spectacular views.