Accommodation Bot, Camping on high ground at the gates of the Natural Park of Transportation, Home of the best climbing.

Terra Natural Reserve called Els Ports offers several ways to practice climbing, but I must say that some of them can not be used during certain times of the year. Here You can see a map of the main ways of Ports and zoning according to the degree of permissiveness of this activity. One of the most popular areas of the Ports to do is climb the narrow, here You can whet your mouth.

Terra Natural Reserve called Els Ports is approximately 15km by road from Camping, but much closer are other areas where this sport. It Tracta, eg, the final stretch to the top of the Needle Bot, you can see some hints in the video above. It is a 500m tall mountain with a morphology very special because it is very different depending on whether we see its north side or south. On this page find a detailed description of the climbing route, as well as their state and some wonderful photos.

Agulla de Bot amb escaladors

Boat with needle scalers


Finally, a way of Scheldt simpler and maybe not so good is the Serra de Buscarrons and also you will find a detailed description by clicking here.