Walking to the gates of the Natural Park of Transportation

One of the best ways to enjoy the scenery and contact with nature are walking, the Hiking allows you to enjoy nature with all five senses, but also the spiritual nature in its virgin, silenci the amplitude l'or paisatge, always to TEUs ritme. We have classified some of the possible routes of the area according to their intensity:

Senderisme for tranquil fer · lament

On this page you'll find details of some routes to gentle with the family for a short time:

. – the Foncalda the Via Verda

. – Ermita de Sant Josep – Forat de la Donzella

Ports Natural Park: Rocks Benedict

Ports Natural Park: Narrow Tiu


Senderisme per endinsar-is the Terra Alta

On this page you'll find details of some routes by its height or length may be considered a little harder:

. – Prat de Comte - Bot

Nature of Ports: Montsagre and Tossal of Engrilló

Ports Natural Park: Terranyes from Franqueta

Furthermore you leave a map with the location of up camp and some routes have hung our customers:

“For me there is only one way to travel more enjoyable than riding: Walking. Is used up when you want; stops at will, s'esforça poc or molt, as desired. S'observa tot the country… In needs prendre GOOD way nor comfortable highway. Step why everywhere a person goes, I can see everything that a person, depend solely on me because I enjoy the freedom which a person can enjoy.” Jean-Jacques Rousseau (segle XVIII)