Enoturism in la Terra Alta

Our wine is recognized by the European Union with a Certificate of Origin of “La Terra Alta”. This is a steep and dry region, where the vineyards usually suffer hard climatical conditions and produce stupendous grapes. In our village there are two cellars you can visit: Cooperativa Agrícola Sant Josep and Celler Menescal.


You can enjoy that world in two ways, one of them is expressed in the landscape, absolutely impregned by this farming. In addition, you could visit different kind of cellars in the area, two of them specially wonderful built by the modernist architect Cesar Martinell a disciple of Antoni Gaudí. We call them Wine Cathedrals. Although there are more than 50 cellars spread in the region, we recommend you to book your visit in the most of them.


The traditional grapes variety of our area is Garnatxa Blanca, we propouse you a video, maybe you couldn’t understand it but you could view the farming way of the area.