Environmental policy released


Des of Terra Alta creiem Càmping the importance to respect the medi ambient minimitzar i els impactes of them on aquest per activitats humanes millorar provided Survival possibilitats them generacions them futures. Per Això, We have drafted and are serving a specific environmental policy, but also, We would like to get participants into giving you some tips:

We are surrounded by woods and fields in an area of ​​dry land, you very careful with cigarette butts !!

We have glass containers, containers, paper and cardboard, organic matter and waste. Help us maintain the vacuum waste !!

Water is a scarce and increasingly less rain, use the fair !!

We sewage oxidation, ie, where lots of microorganisms responsible for degrading organza meteo. Per tant, Be careful with what you throw in the WC: llexius, frying oil, etc.

In the rural world, We are well aware of the impacts of energy production, we encourage you to reduce your consumption, there and everywhere !!

We are in a totally natural, we have some very special neighbors, rabbits, foxes and even, wild boars. We respect them and not making too much noise limiting light pollution !!

The road to the village is a walk we recommend that you walk: fewer emissions and quiet mind !!

You can make the return trip to bring your local products thereby reducing the consumption of fossil fuels, emissions and help preserve the environment and landscape of the Terra Alta.