Bar / Restaurant Terra Alta

Bar – Restaurant ” Les being”

La gastronomy is one of the factors that can quite understand a territory. In our aim to bar-restaurant offer seasonal products, various grilled meats, such as DEXA, or lamb sausages and cooked sausages in the area; sausages and cheeses are a delight, as well as the sweet zone. Obviously, accompany it all with extra virgin olive oil DOP Terra Alta and I watered wine Terra Alta. We also want to offer a tapas menu to make vermouth, Sunday or not; a small variety of toast, maybe when you get to Camping Terra Alta you feel like you forgot to make dinner and eat quietly in our bar-restaurant; Obviously, if you go to the Greenway and need a sandwich, please prepare the sea you wish!

The bar Camping Terra Alta service available for groups (breakfast + dinner…)

The bar has a terrace restaurant offers, televisió i llar de foc, and stood in front of the pool and recreation area.

phone del restaurant 652 875 832