Environmental Policy Càmping Terra Alta

Des of Terra Alta creiem Càmping the importance to respect the medi ambient minimitzar i els impactes of them on aquest per activitats humanes millorar provided Survival possibilitats them generacions them futures. Per Això, redactem i ens comprometem directrius meet Següents them:

  • Instal · llum lació of sensors of presence i regularly per l'ENCESA i depenent of them off necessitats.
  • Separations of residus i Contenidors the presence of propylene per càmping such that usuaris in puguin fer els ús.
  • Instal · lació d'a purifier per oxidations i control de l'Aigua qualitat of sortida.
  • Sensibilització Pla d'usuaris quant d'energy consum, water and waste separation.



  • Drip irrigation in all the camping parks.
  • Using native plants to reduce water consumption and the possibility of bio-invasions.
  • Swimming pool with salt chlorination to prevent user exposure to chlorine and consumption of water and this.


  • Sale of local products in order to minimize emissions in transport and enhance the product in the area.
  • Separation of waste.
  • Install grease separator.
  • Rationalizing energy consumption with the use of blinds as a measure insulation.
  • Reuse of beverage containers.



  • Using solar panels to heat hot water for toilets.
  • Using artichokes to reduce water consumption Sanders.