Senderisme per endinsar-is the Terra Alta

Walking to the gates of the Natural Park of Transportation

Here we suggest some routes that will take between half a day and a day to do it and you will immerse yourself in the region of Terra Alta , either in the area of ​​virgin Natural Reserve called Els Ports or in the immediate environment of camping.

BOT – Prat de Comte – BOT

Route of 16km with 450m of climbing. Check the itinerary and altimetry Donate.

The distance between . Prat de Comte straight line is 3 km, still to get there we must overcome the gap involving the mountains you see in the picture (from left to right: The Needle, Plain and Midi). The proposed route runs along the rocks right along a stretch of the road between . and Prat de Comte.

. – Prat de Comte

The first section of the route is by trail and runs to the foot of the rocks there began to ascend the right. According to the route that we propose to link yet, you should travel about 2.5 km before joining the road. The idea is to join us on the road more or less to the kilometer 6 of T3301. At this point you could also decide to delve into the rocks and runs this small ridge, quite impressive as the southern slopes of the three mountains is a cliff over 100m high.

But if we continue to Prat de Comte walk along the road for a mile. This road is very busy and consists of a succession of curves with steep, the views are stunning with steep rock cliffs. So between kilometer 7 i 8 we turn left onto a path to find the path that will eventually lead to Prat de Comte.

Prat de Comte – The Fontcalda

One option is to follow the road that leads to the old train station Prat de Comte and from there we move on to the Fontcalda Terra Alta's Green-Way.

The best option for hikers, but, is to follow the path that traditionally have used the pratdecomtins Saturday before Pentecost. In this case, leave the village street and take the raft to the NE T-361, bordering the cemetery. Then, is on the right path marked with white paint and red trail GR 171, leading to Fontcalda (3,6km are that can only be done on foot). Fontcalda is an area with strong meaning for Terra Alta, of its rocks are hot springs in the spring which traditionally has been a medicinal value, also find sanctuary and a bar-restaurant (open throughout July and August and some weekends in spring).

The Fontcalda – .

In this case we can go straight to us . for Terra Alta's Green-Way, but we suggest a better alternative. Delve Paddles for river canyon for a mile until you find a path that crosses the river, cross it and follow the path that takes you to the old train station Prat de Comte. Once there follow the Greenway to ..

P.N. Ports: Montsagre I Tossal d'Engrilló

Circular route of about 13km and 650m of vertical road that passes, track, send i Terra Alta's Green-Way Green Terra Alta.

The Tossal d'Engrilló from rocks Benedict

We consider the Tossal d'Engrilló as peak, with 1073m, crown of the Sierras Montsagres Horta and Pauls and, further, is considered as a partition boundary between the municipalities and nombrats Prat de Comte. The Montsagres are the mountains that lie to the north of Natural Reserve called Els Ports and therefore provide us with a privileged view of the Terra Alta, Matarranya and beyond, to the point that on a clear day we could see the Pyrenees.

This is one of the main routes covered for those who want to delve a little deeper into the Ports, I leave the blog entry walkers vamosderuta Here you will find information about the route, and altimetry. At the same time yet to find a track with almost the same route described in the blog post said, so you can see the route on the map.


P.N. Ports: Terranyes FROM Franqueta

22km circular route and almost 700m height.

Click above to view full picture

The port is always unique and surprising, but precisely this trail leads to special places, com ara Pi Pi i Pimpoll Ramut, plans of Grassada surprise after the rough climb, with the addition of authentic wild bulls and acceptable shelter Terranyes, the bare Tosseta Rasa or shelter Clotes. In this case we also recommend consulting the blog vamosderuta



Terra Natural Reserve called Els Ports offers the possibility of endless routes, please see some classified by degree of difficulty here: Enter a list of tours and excursions.

To the Attention Visitor Centre Prat de Comte I will help you choose your path through the ports depending on the characteristics of your group.

In addition, the Park Naturaldels ports organizes excursions and other nature activities totally free.

To know first hand the territory can register on some trips organized by different organizations in the region as Rookie of Gandesa Centre-Terra Alta.