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On this page we collect some routes that can be taken for either mild or short journey by accumulating little difference:


Circular route 13,5 km and a vertical drop of 170m accumulated, recommended for all ages

La Via Verda, usually resorted to cycling, but if you appetite to Fontcalda stroll will take you an hour and just go and an hour and over again! A Fontcalda bathe and take something during the summer and some weekends in spring. In addition to the same Fontcalda you can walk through the middle of a small ravine that forms the Paddles on their way to this area, it is a quite accessible route, but it conveys a very special feeling. In addition, the route is adapted for the blind.

You can view the route and altimetry Donate.


3,5km circular route and a difference in altitude of 85m, recommended for all ages.

This route allows us to visit two emblematic points around the village of Bot. This is the chapel of St. Joseph, the botencs go there twice a year (the Saturday closest to 19 March around the 15 August.) It is an interesting place with views out Bot, part of the region and, especially, of the Roques Bot, especially, the Needle. Hole Maiden is a natural source of water where water flows depending on not only the rain but also of the Moon. There is a picnic area with tables, benches and grills. However it is forbidden to fire due to changes in forest policy. Check out the tour route and altimetry Donate.


Ports Natural Park: rocks BENEDICT

Long route: Route 7km with 450m of accumulated difference.

Short route: Route 2,5km with 220m of accumulated difference.

Benedict Rocks are a very special geological formation that is located in the northern part of the Natural Park of Ports, the municipality of Horta de Sant Joan. It is a formation of conglomerates along with Gronsa form an area of ​​special geological interest. To get to the top we introduce the Ports Natural Park path that should lead to the recreation area of ​​the Franqueta, but before arriving there we see the rocks of Benedict left and a path that diverts it. From here we have two options:

– Long route: leave the car at the beginning of the path that leads towards the rocks Benedict, is the best option as the road is not in very good condition for the passage of vehicles than 4×4. In this case we can almost 7km route between return and with a height of 450m. The route consists of a couple of kilometers down the road to find a significant milestone stones indicates that we take the path up to the left of the road. We more or less a kilometer trail stretches of scree and some unevenness. Finally we face a steep channel strength and pebbles on the ground that leads to the top of the rocks. A Dalt to the, rounded shapes of the rocks and greenery Benedict grass that grows, Pacific the most nerve. Check out the tour route and altimetry Donate.

– Short route: raise the car until the car until the start of the path. Check out the tour route and altimetry Donate.

Ports Natural Park: narrow river

Route 10 km with a cumulative drop of 100m.

This is one of the best routesis to do with children and consists of a stretch of river about Straits 5 km where the slope is very gentle. A piped water has led to the creation of a kind of very flat path that runs along the river.

To this route we get closer to the Ports Natural Park from Horta de Sant Joan or from Arnes. In any case, find parking Straits is complicated. This route is then delve into the valley of the Straits until the recreational area of ​​the Franqueta and then return the same place.

One of the special charms of this route is that the passing of a river valley during the summer you can swim there, while usually an area where the goats come to see water in the evening.

Refer to Donate routes the altimetry.


Ports Natural Park and Recreation Area this case the Franqueta offers other potential routes for small families such as the Cave of Picasso Smooth Rock You check-les here.

To the Attention Visitor Centre Prat de Comte I will help you choose your path through the ports depending on the characteristics of your group.

In addition, the Park naturaldels ports organizes excursions and other nature activities totally free.

To know first hand the territory can register on some trips organized by different organizations in the region as Rookie of Gandesa Centre-Terra Alta.